Adiuvo Engineering and Training ltd, is a boutique consultancy created with the aim of supporting a range of industries and applications including Space, Industrial, Defence and Commercial. Uniquely it was also established with the aim of supporting the individual engineer achieve more in their role.

Embedded system specialists Adiuvo, has supported several industry leading companies developing FPGA, SoC and Microcontroller / Processor based solutions.

Areas of expertise include FPGA & SoC Design, Digital & Analogue Design, Engineering Governance, High Reliability Design, Design for Excellence (Test, Manufacture, Reliability) and Design Analysis.

If you are considering engineering / consultancy support please see this flyer for examples areas of assistance and contact information flyer

To support the individual engineer this site shares a range of  information regarding VHDL, FPGA, System on Chip and Electronic Engineering.

Along with authoring the long running MicroZed Chronicles which provides over 150 blogs on how to use the Xilinx Zynq.

Within this archive you will find a very detailed “How To” on the Adapteva Parallalla board and Epiphany device. And articles on Electronic designVHDL design and conference papers and presentations.

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You can learn more about me and connect with me at http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/adam-taylor-ceng-fiet/13/917/8a9

All code is archived on the GitHub

There are also a number of videos on our YouTube Channel

Selected Content -MicroZed / Parallella Chronicles

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Xilinx Articles

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