MPSoC UltraZed Edition


Each of the articles can be accessed below, most of the code examples are located here 

Issue 14: PS and PL Interfacing 

Issue 13: Real-Time Processing Unit Modes 

Issue 12: Interrupts Example 

Issue 11: Interrupts Overview

Issue 10: PS Real Time Clock Example

Issue 9: PS Real Time Clock Introduction

Issue 8: PS Clocking 

Issue 7: AMS PL Sysmon

Issue 6: AMS PS Sysmon A53 and R5

Issue 5: Analogue Mixed Signal (Sysmon) Introduction

Issue 4: Global Memory Map

Issue 3: Hello World and FSBL

Issue 2 : Building the MPSoC in Vivado

Issue 1 : Introduction to the MPSoC


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