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Design West 2013



Space: The Final Frontier – FPGAs for Space and Harsh Environments

The last 20 years have seen the explosion of FPGA technology used in many different
end applications, including those within harsh environments. It therefore follows that
system developers wish these devices to operate correctly and safely regardless of
environment. When engineers design for a spaceflight mission, there are three main
environmental factors that will impact performance: radiation; temperature; and
vibration and shock

Paper available here :- ESC-322Paper_Taylor

Slides Available here :- ESC-322Slides_Taylor


White Paper – Flying High-Performance FPGAs on Satellites: Two Case Studies

When considering flying an FPGA within a satellite mission, ensuring the device and design will work
within the radiation environment is the first of a number of parameters to take into account. In this
paper I am going to consider the parameters which must be considered when flying a highperformance
FPGA in two very different missions.

  • Ukube1, a CubeSat mission scheduled for launch in late 2013
  • A generic FPGA processing card for use in a number of GEO missions

Of these two missions, one UKube has been delivered for launch, while the generic FPGA processing
card is currently in development. Both of these missions have their own challenges and unique
requirements which need to be addressed. At the same time, however, both missions also have
common driving requirements.

Paper available here :- STS-401Paper_Taylor

Slides available here :- STS-401Slides_Taylor